There are numerous types of laser treatments that are offered. The ideal option for your skin type, your problem areas, and your desired results will be guided by our expert. The efficiency of the procedure and the amount of recovery time depend on the type of laser treatment selected. Generally speaking, the consequences and risks increase with downtime.

Skin is precisely removed layer by layer during laser skin resurfacing. The skin has a tighter, younger-looking surface because of the new skin cells that are produced during healing. The surgery can be performed separately or in conjunction with other facial aesthetic procedures.

Acne scars are difficult to manage and attempt to conceal. Even as adults, some people still struggle with acne, which leaves their skin discolored and uneven. Your appearance and confidence may also be impacted by surgical or accident scars. Laser skin resurfacing is a fantastic choice for decreasing scars and lowering their visibility, though individual results can vary. Scars may be completely eliminated in rare circumstances.

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