Deeper layers of the skin are rejuvenated by the facial. It lessens freckles, pigmentation, dark spots, and the synthesis of melanin, which is a skin pigment. It improves an even complexion, enhances skin tone, and lessens dullness and other sun-related damage.


Perfect skin cleansing milk 

Applying this helps strengthen the skin’s defenses. There are 2 active ingredients in this, Iron and Magnesium. Iron helps favor the oxygenation of tissues and cell metabolism and Magnesium maintains the integrity of tissues.

Perfect skin toning lotion

Tonic lotion that regulates the essential functions of the skin. With iron, magnesium and sodium lactate, it helps maintain the integrity of tissues and moisturize your skin.

Bionic peeling

3-acid gel with exfoliating action for all skin types, except with infectious acne. With glycolic acid, lactic acid and lactobionic acid, it has many benefits, such as, progressive exfoliation, increases skin moisturisation, anti aging, reduces damage by sunlight, antioxidants and many more.

Ph recovery 

It helps neutralize BIONIC PEELING action. With sodium lactate and vitamin C, it neutralizes and moisturizes your skin as well as restores pH level and reduces the cellular damages caused by UV rays.

Skin peeling 3F

A mixture of natural dry extracts with triple exfoliant action: mechanical, biological. It’s an anti-age treatment, depigmenting treatment, for oily and acne prone skins.


extracting blackheads using gentle pressure around the pore opening, and whiteheads by incision with a large needle or a blade. If performed skillfully, this treatment may be beneficial to the patient

Perfect skin oxygen activator

Activating emulsion of vitamins and minerals. With mineral complex active ingredients, it helps oxygenate the skin layers, cellular balancing and strengthen the effects of vitamins and minerals.

Thermal Algae Mask

This mask has an occlusive and modeling effect, which improves the absorption of the actives, for all skin types. With many active ingredients, especially active firming polymer to help firming your skin.

Whitening lux lotion

Concentrated face lotion with depigmenting action. Equipped with whitening and glaring peptide, retinol, vitamin B3 and many more.

Sunblock SPF 50 

Sun protecting cream with high UVA and UVB, moisturizing, antioxidant and tan accelerator.


The following ways that skin whitening treatment is beneficial:

It lessens the skin’s melanin content. It can assist with freckles, melasma, dark spots, and sun damage. Additionally, it lessens scars, age spots, fine lines, and other blemishes. It makes the skin lighter and more uniformly toned.

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