Things that First-Time Juvederm Ultra Plus Patients Should Know

Juvederm Ultra Plus is one of the dermal fillers. This treatment is suitable for those who want to get rid of wrinkles and increase lip fullness. Due to its function, Juvederm Ultra Plus is popular now. You can find this treatment in some aesthetic& wellness clinics, including Upscale Bali. You should learn about this facial treatment if it is your first time.

About Juvederm Ultra Plus 

The FDA approved this facial treatment in 2010. Juvederm Ultra Plus is in the form of water gel. our doctors will inject the gel in specific areas. Then, the gel fills the underneath of the skin and increases its volume. It is the reason why you will get a fuller lip after taking this treatment regularly. Ensure that you get a reputable aesthetic& wellness clinic to help you handle this facial injection procedure.

The Way Juvederm Ultra Plus Works 

This product consists of HA and water. The combination of these two materials produces a gel. our doctors inject this gel into your skin to increase the volume of your tissues. When they inject the gel into the skin, it reduces wrinkles. If our doctors inject this product into your lips, it makes your lips fuller than before.

Juvederm Ultra Plus also contains a bit of lidocaine. This material helps to reduce pain during the gel injection. It is the reason why our doctors often don’t inject any topical pain reliever first before the gel injection.

Juvederm Ultra Plus Procedure 

The Juvederm Ultra Plus procedure depends on how many injections you need. In general, the injection process takes up to one hour. Professional our doctors ensure that your skin is clean before doing the procedure.

Because of that, they will clean your skin first. They will inject the gel once your skin is clean. Indeed, they also know exactly the injection targets. Because of the lidocaine or topical anesthetic, you won’t feel any pain at all. You only feel slight pressure and tingling. You don’t have to stay in the hospital after the injection process. You can leave and continue your activity.

The Common Areas for Juvederm Ultra Plus 

Most patients want to have fuller lips when they request for Juvederm Ultra Plus procedure. In this case, the our doctors will inject the gel into the laugh lines or smile lines. It is also the place where wrinkles appear. Some patients use this injection procedure for lip augmentation.

Juvederm Ultra Plus Side Effects 

Juvederm Ultra Plus is a safe facial injection procedure. It is even considered a less painful procedure. There are no serious side effects after the injection. You may suffer from skin redness, swelling, tenderness, firmness, skin discoloration, or bruising. You can reduce the side effects by choosing the best aesthetic& wellness clinic.

The Effect after Juvederm Ultra Plus

So, what are the effects after applying Juvederm Ultra Plus? Indeed, you will instantly see something different in your skin. It means that the wrinkles are gone and the skin is fuller. The effect is temporary for six months up to one year.

You have to visit your our doctors to get additional treatments after the expiration time. As one of the trusted aesthetic & wellness clinics in Bali, Upscale Bali will help you to get a Juvederm Ultra Plus procedure based on the safety standards.

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