NOSE THREAD (PER PCS): Beauty Treatment for Your Nose

Upscale Bali offers you various beauty treatments to reveal your natural beauty. With an experienced team and dermatologists, you will get the best treatment for your skin with the latest skincare technology. Talking about beauty treatment, you may have heard about NOSE THREAD (PER PCS), haven’t you? This is one of the most popular beauty treatments nowadays. If you are interested in undergoing the treatment, you need to know more about it.

NOSE THREAD (PER PCS): What Is Nose Thread Lift Treatment?

Nose thread lift is a simple nonsurgical procedure to lift your nose. Usually, this treatment is done by those who want to get a better shaped nose or want to add a high bridge of the nose. It is different from rhinoplasty surgery in which the process will use general anesthesia. In this treatment, the nose will be anesthetized with a topical anesthetic only. After that, the doctor will insert the NOSE THREAT (PER PCS). The number of threads will depend on the patient’s anatomy and the goals. In some cases, there are multiple threads injected for nose correction or nose lifts.

What Issue to Inject NOSE THREAD (PER PCS)?

The most important thing you need to know about this treatment is nose thread lift cannot change or reshape the nose permanently. It will last for a certain time only. You can decide to undergo the treatment if you want to make your nose slimmer or higher for a short time. Other things that can be done by injecting NOSE THREAD (PER PCS) are elevating the nasal bridge, lifting the tip of the nose, and straightening or heightening the nose contour. If the patients have realistic expectations, they will get the result they want.

Consulting about the treatment with an expert is very important to get the best result. You can consult with the doctors and dermatologists in Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali. Asking the details of the treatment and how to do it is something that you must know first. Besides, share your expectations too with the doctor, so they will give the best advice and treatment.

The Best Candidate to Get NOSE THREAD (PER PCS)

If it comes with the best candidate to get NOSE THREAD (PER PCS), not all people can get this treatment. The appropriate candidate for nose thread lift is people with decent skin quality. Meanwhile, for those who have thin and sun-damaged skin, this treatment is not suitable. It is because the threads can be visible if there is not enough dermis in supporting the threads’ thickness. That is why you need to know whether your skin is good enough to undergo the treatment.


Getting NOSE THREAD (PER PCS) or nose thread lift vs filler, which one will you choose? Those treatments have their good and bad sides. However, when it is handled by professionals and experts, all of the risks can be reduced. That is why you need to choose the best place to undergo the treatment. Get more info about the treatment and the best offer from the beauty experts by visiting the website

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