MESO LIPO FACE for Face Slimming

Are you looking for a way to remove fat in your facial area without surgery? MESO LIPO FACE might be the right procedure for you and Upscale Bali will help you anytime you are ready for this treatment.


First things first, understanding what MESO LIPO FACE is will help you find the best beauty treatment for your skin. This procedure uses injections that are effective and economical for dissolving fat. The injections are done with small needles for injecting various compounds and vitamins into the fat deposits under the skin for dissolving the fat cells. Of course, the main purpose is to remove those fat cells permanently from the body.

Inflammation and fat cell death will be caused by the solution injection which will lead to the permanent removal of fat from the body. Other fat cells that can be found in the vicinity may enlarge because of the increase in calorific intake. Yet, the dead fat cells will never re-grow. The benefits of this treatment can be seen three or four weeks after the initial procedure.

Is removing fat the only benefit of MESO LIPO FACE? This procedure is also useful for reducing cellulite, face lifting, tightening loose skin, recontouring body, slimming double chin, as well as, firming and thickening skin.

How Long Does MESO LIPO FACE Procedure Take?

Before visiting Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali to get MESO LIPO FACE treatment, you might have several questions about this procedure. One of those questions might be about how long this procedure will take. The treatment will take 20-30 minutes. However, 30 minutes before the procedure, your face will be applied with a special anesthetic cream to ensure your comfort while taking the procedure.

What to Expect during MESO LIPO FACE Procedure?

Knowing what you can expect during MESO LIPO FACE will prepare your heart better so you can take the procedure with no worry. The treatment will use a series of small injections with a specific solution for melting fat. The substances will be injected into the middle layer of the skin where the localized fat you want to remove is located. The substances will work as a medicinal bullet that will be sent directly to a specific target in your skin for better efficiency.

What to Expect after MESO LIPO FACE Treatment?

Many people are ready with what they can expect during the MESO LIPO FACE procedure but they might not be well-prepared for after treatment. In this circumstance, you might want to spare some time to rest and let your skin recover after the procedure. Some superficial swelling can be experienced, but there is no need to worry because it will go away within 24-48 hours.

People rarely experience side effects after taking the procedure. Nevertheless, the side effects might appear in small needle marks appearance that will vanish within a few days. You might have to deal with the side effects longer for the treatment around the eye.

MESO LIPO FACE is a great procedure for people who want to eliminate fat without a surgical procedure. The best treatment can be provided by to get the best result.

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