What Age Is Best for A Thread Lift? All You Need to Know About Thread Lift

November 9, 2023

What Age Is Best for A Thread Lift? All You Need to Know About Thread Lift — In case you wish to appear younger but are unwilling to undergo surgery on your face, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure such as a thread lift can be a viable alternative for you. Our cosmetic clinic professionals in Upscale Bali understand the urge to reverse the outward effects of aging. From fine wrinkles to modest skin laxity, this procedure can provide the same effects as a typical facelift without requiring a lengthy recovery period.

Those who are undergoing early face aging or those are displaying apparent indications of moderate age are the greatest candidates for thread lift treatment. Mild to moderate facial laxity, notably on the mid-face, as well as wrinkles and fine lines around the nose, lips, and chin are examples of these symptoms. Candidates for this therapy are often between the ages of 30 to 55.

Consultation will ultimately determine who is eligible for this treatment. During this preliminary session, our skin specialists will inspect your skin to determine whether a thread lift treatment may be an appropriate cosmetic option for your appearance-related issues. If you aren’t close to having a healthy or optimum weight, are excessively thin, or have severe loose skin, you aren’t likely to be eligible for this kind of treatment.

How does the thread lift work?

This treatment is a type of minimally-invasive treatment which involves manually introducing hooked threads through the skin’s sub-dermal layers in order to grasp onto and elevate the skin to a higher and tighter position. A tiny incision is made in the skin to implant barbeds of TGA-cleared polypropylene sutures. These threads won’t be seen beneath your skin.

The substance that forms the threads used in this treatment will assist your body manufacture new collagen, which represents one of the most advantageous aspects of this treatment. To assist sustain the lifting effects of this treatment, collagen will develop around every single one of the threads placed into your skin. This aspect of the therapy will also make your results appear more natural and stay longer.

Where is such treatment appropriate?

You may utilize this kind of treatment to fix mild to severe aging issues in practically all parts of your face, much like a facelift. The most typical areas for treatment consist of loose jowls, cheek skin laxity, drooping brows, and sagging skin around the neck. You may add years to your look by elevating and tightening certain regions of skin.

How long will the effects last?

The majority of people should anticipate the effects of this kind of treatment to endure for 6-18 months, based on a variety of conditions. Your age, condition of the skin, and the quantity of threads utilized during the treatment are all important factors which may influence how long your effects persist.

Certain lifestyle adjustments may allow you to better sustain your results. Wearing sunscreen anytime you are outside throughout the day constitutes a few of the most essential things you may do to keep your skin looking young. Applying anti-aging skincare items can make the effects last longer.

When can you expect to see the results?

The outcomes of this treatment can be visible shortly after the procedure. The ultimate outcomes of your therapy will be noticeable between four and eight weeks after your treatment, a time where the collagen maturation processes are complete. The speed with which you will notice benefits depends on your age as well as skin condition, specifically how quickly your body can create new collagen.

What is the recovery process like?

This procedure does not need an extended recovery time. Most patients may return to work and their normal activities within 3 to 7 days after treatment. Apart from avoiding direct sunshine, vigorous exertion, and extreme heat or sweating, there aren’t many limits throughout your recuperation time.

You may get instructed to apply cold compresses throughout your brief recuperation time. During the initial 3 to 4 days following therapy, we recommend that patients rest with the heads and shoulders raised. During the recuperation time, patients ought to avoid hard touching or cleaning their faces. You should also avoid using strong chemical exfoliants as well as retinoids on your skin.

Why should we consider getting this treatment?

One of the primary reasons people select this treatment over a facelift operation is because of the fact that it is non-surgical. Non-surgical treatments offer a lower risk of scarring and provide more natural-looking outcomes. Your innate characteristics are not going to alter as a result of the therapy; you are simply going to have tighter and more youthful-looking skin.

Restore Your Beauty Without Having Surgery

Plastic surgery is intrusive and frequently yields less-than-ideal outcomes. A thread lift can be an excellent alternative for you if you want to rejuvenate your attractiveness in a method that appears natural and does not require a significant amount of recuperation time. This technique is ideal for people who show minor indications of aging. To make your first appointment, reach out to any of our Upscale Bali Contact Persons listed on our website.

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