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We are an Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic in Bali, we dedicated our practice to reveal your inner beauty and potential by enhancing your natural and defining characteristics. Upscale Bali was initiated by Aesthetic doctors & Dermatologists who share the same vision & mission in aesthetics & skin health.

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  • lv skin is hands down the best skin clinic in bali. setelah sebelumnya sempat coba ke 2 dokter kulit terkenal di bali dan gak ada perubahan di kulit yang sensitif dan berjerawat, akhirnya nyangkut sama lv skin. staff2nya ramah dan tempatnya bersih bgt. dari awal sampe sekarang, treatment mulai dari chemical peeling, meso, prp, sampe nucleofill dihandle sama dokter liana, sempat juga beberapa kali sama dokter vina. keduanya sangat informatif dan membantu bgt dalam menjawab masalah kulit. treatment yang bisa dipilih juga beragam, tapi better milih treatment sesuai anjuran dokter setelah konsultasi. highly recommend. <3

    Karina Kyoko Yukimachi Avatar Karina Kyoko Yukimachi
    October 24, 2022

    Treatment 5 in 1 nya the best deh harga terjangkau sudah dapet treatment yg premium sering sering promo yaah

    Dewi Ragata Avatar Dewi Ragata
    May 24, 2023

    Clean facilities and nice, service minded, knowledgable staff that communicates clearly with you. Was experiencing redness and breakouts from time to time. I was treated for rosacea which almost immediately dampened it. Highly recommend

    Jesper Lundström Avatar Jesper Lundström
    January 24, 2023
  • The place is very clean and the doctor and nurse were so nice and asked me multiple times during the procedure if it hurt and if I was comfortable.

    Tina Nguyen Avatar Tina Nguyen
    June 24, 2023

    Konsultasi dengan dokter liana baik banget orangnya, direkomendasiin untuk treatment prp. Puas bgt sama hasilnya, tempatnya juga aesthetic dan bersih. Next time mau nyoba treatment lainnya, sukses ya buat upscale bali👍👍

    bisma prasatria Avatar bisma prasatria
    July 17, 2023

    Красиво, чисто, заботливо! Приятный, профессиональный персонал, который аккуратно и не торопливо выполняет все процедуры. В начале нужно запомнить анкету, все уточняют. Это важно. Я искала, что-то подобное на Бали, чтобы окунуться в атмосферу клиники красоты и расслабиться. Все стерильно. Много специального оборудования и большое количество услуг. Топовые материалы и филлеры! Сегодня провела тут 3,5 часа. Идеально. Сделали RECLAIMING YOUTH FULLNES Microdermabrasion | Anti Aging Facial | Skin Booster 3 ml Full Face | Anti Aging Premium Mask. По акции 2.150K - > 1.499K Чувствовала заботу и комфорт на каждом этапе. Работали два специалиста со мной, что мне очень понравилось. Обсудила с доктором дальнейший план работы. Вернусь 🙌🏻

    Лана Силаева Avatar Лана Силаева
    July 3, 2023
  • Excellent service. Dokter Liana ramah dan tempat yang sangat cozy

    Jeanet Trivera Avatar Jeanet Trivera
    October 24, 2022

    Pelayanan dan penanganan yang di berikan terbaik

    Made Adi Putrayasa Avatar Made Adi Putrayasa
    October 24, 2022

    Cozy bangeddd kliniknya.. Bakalan betah treatment disini deh seriuss.. Stafnya ramah² .. Dokternya ramah, humble, baiikk bangeeedd doongzz.. Recommended deh pokoknya !

    mama kembar Avatar mama kembar
    July 17, 2023

The Leading Beauty & Wellness Center In Bali

Introducing, one of the most leading beauty and wellness center in Bali. At Upscale Bali, we have the most relevant and advanced technology to help treat patient’s needs and desire for their skin goals.

Discover a healthy, youthful appearance with our range of aesthetic services, including dermal fillers, cosmetic injections, laser treatments, and more. We offer several advanced anti-aging treatments, including Botox, PRP and many more
The Leading Beauty & Wellness Center In Bali
The Leading Beauty & Wellness Center in Bali

Dress You Skin With The Glow

Your skin must be taken care of just as much as the rest of your body. However, healthy skin requires regular upkeep to realize its full potential. Your skin is smooth, velvety, and moist when you're a baby. But as we get older, we develop wrinkles, sun damage, sagging skin, and other issues. Proper skin care is crucial to reducing the negative effects of time and your surroundings.

Why not take good care of your lovely skin? In 30 years, if you don't take care of your skin, it will show it. Make the proper decisions now and appreciate the value of skin care to ensure that your skin maintains its attractiveness as you age. Spending the time now will pay off in the long term since treating younger, healthier skin is much simpler than treating older, damaged skin. You'll notice a significant improvement in the look and feel of your skin as soon as you start taking care of it every day.

Regardless of the skin issue, whether we are treating acne or pigmentation, aging, scars or stretch marks, we are continually exposed to things that will continue to harm our skin in some way. We consume harmful meals, take various drugs, are continually exposed to UV rays, go through stress, gain, and lose weight, and don't get enough sleep. We need to take care of our skin at home as well as receive routine treatments at a clinic because all these factors—and more—have an impact on it. That’s why here at Upscale Bali, we help you achieve your skin goals with the most up-to-date and relevant treatments
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Our Doctor

Dr. Liana is a professional aesthetic doctor equipped with various skills relevant to skin aesthetic and wellness, who has trained in this field for moreover than 13 years. “Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today. So, treat it kindly and with respect.”. – Dr. Liana

Dr. Liana Susanti