3 Non-Surgical Treatments To Remove Cheeky Fat Longer!

January 8, 2024

3 Non-Surgical Treatments To Remove Cheeky Fat Longer! – For some people, cheeky fat looks so disturbing. This fat is even significantly reducing their confidence. Just relax! Nowadays, you can take several non-surgical treatments to remove cheeky fat.

For example, you can visit Upscale Bali and choose one of the skin treatments available there to remove the fat in your cheeks. Here, we will share the non-surgical treatments you can take to get rid of the fat in your cheeks.

FaceTite Treatment

FaceTite Treatment is one of the non-surgical treatments to remove disturbing fat around the cheeks. Doctors are about to use a specific technology known as radiofrequency (RF). The use of radiofrequency is to transfer heat to the targeted fat you want to remove.

FaceTite treatment can also shrink tissue and build collagen around the targeted areas, including your cheeks. You will get a tighter cheek after taking FaceTite treatment since the fat is gone. The most important thing is that the contour of your face is better.

Your face will also look younger since this treatment also stimulates collagen production. The FaceTite process is also faster compared to facial surgery procedures. It only takes a few hours to finish the FaceTite procedure.

You can even go home the same day. Yet, you still have to go back to the Doctor center two days after taking this treatment. Best of all, you can feel the positive effects for a few years. It is okay if you want to maintain the result by applying other facial treatments to feel the effect longer.

Thread Lift Treatment

Thread lift treatment is also one of the popular non-surgical treatments to remove cheeky fat. In this fat removal procedure, the Doctor is about to use non-permanent threads known as Polydioxanone (PDO) and Polycaprolactone (PCL). They will inject this material under the skin yet above the muscle.

This procedure has a lot of benefits, including refreshing the face skin by removing the fat around the cheeks. It is also a perfect skin treatment for those who want to rejuvenate skin and improve facial contours. Don’t worry! The materials used in thread lift skin treatment are safe.

The skin mechanism is about to absorb the materials over time. You only have to stop wearing heavy makeup, doing facial massage, and drinking alcohol for at least three days after taking the treatment. For an optimal healing process and perfect result, ensure that you don’t chew gum or do any hard activities with your mouth for two to three weeks after the thread lift procedure. Soon, you are about to see your face slimmer because there is no disturbing fat around the cheeks anymore.

Meso Lipo Face Treatment

You can also take another non-surgical treatment to remove fat in your cheeks known as the Meso Lipo Face treatment. The Doctors are about to inject a variety of compounds and vitamins with a small needle. The target of the substances is the fat on the targeted skin.

The substances are about to dissolve the fat cells. Slowly but surely, they will burn the fat permanently from the targeted area, such as your cheeks. We can say that the result of Meso Lipo Face treatment is more permanent, yet new fat may grow.

It depends on how you maintain and keep the result after taking this cheek fat removal procedure. Try to eat healthy meals to limit fat in the body. You can see the optimal result of this procedure three or four weeks after taking it.

Interestingly, Meso Lipo Face treatment not only removes fat on the cheeks but also tightens loose skin, recontours the body, and takes care of a double chin. Patients who want to get rid of fat on their cheeks love to take the Meso Lipo Face procedure because it only takes 20 to 30 minutes. Imagine how long the time if you have fat removal surgery.

The healing process of this non-surgical procedure is also faster compared to fat removal surgery. The risks of Meso Lipo Face treatment are also lower compared to fat removal surgery procedures. You don’t need to take total anesthesia only to take a fat removal procedure.

The Place to Take These Non-Surgical Treatments

You don’t need to get confused anymore to get the best place to take these non-surgical treatments to remove your cheeky fat. Upscale Bali is ready to help you to remove disturbing fat in your cheeks. This trusted Doctor center offers those three non-surgical treatments to remove cheeky fat.

The location of the clinic is also in Bali. It means you can take the fat removal treatment while enjoying the fascinating views of Bali. As a result, you can go home with a new you and you are happy with the result.

Visit the official website, upscalebali.com to get more information about fat removal treatments on cheeks. You can also book the treatment online. Then, you can go there and get the facial treatment right away.

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