Things To Do And Not To Do After A Thread Lift Treatment

December 1, 2023

Things To Do And Not To Do After A Thread Lift Treatment – There will always be things to do and avoid concerning any treatment, which includes thread lift treatment as well. Understanding the treatment itself will not be necessary to get the best result. It is crucial to know as many things as possible regarding what to do and not to do concerning the treatment. So, if you plan to have a thread lift, it is important to check the following things out beforehand.

Understanding The Treatment

Fundamentally, this particular type of beauty treatment is a simpler alternative to the one called facelift. It is a non-surgical procedure using a medical-grade thread to pull the skin into a specific position. The aim is to bring out more collagen which will stimulate better-looking skin, especially on the facial area. Thread lift care has become a popular choice for many people who do not want a facelift procedure but expect similar effects.

In other words, this so-called thread lift treatment is a way to get a younger look in almost an instant. It eliminates the complicated set of things in a facelift treatment. More importantly, there is no need to worry about the complications as in a facelift. The recovery time is also minimal as long as you pay attention to the things in the aftercare of this beauty procedure or treatment.

The Aftercare Of Thread Lift

The aftercare of thread lift treatment is indeed simpler than a facelift. Nevertheless, it remains important to pay close attention to it for the best result from the procedure itself. Right after the procedure, you can go home without having to wait for anything or do anything at the beauty clinic. There will be several things told by the doctor during the aftercare procedure for the best experience and result.

Some of the things are among the things not to do right after having this procedure. The common things among the don’ts include washing the face within 24 hours, using any form of makeup in a few ways, applying facial moisturizer for several days, and not touching or doing anything with the face. Fundamentally the don’ts are as simple as leaving the face alone for the procedure to deliver its impact. Other than that, it is also necessary to avoid the consumption of anything that may affect the healing of the skin such as alcohol or cigarettes.

On the other hand, there are also things that you have to do after thread lift treatment to optimize its effect. Taking an antibiotic for a better healing process and infection avoidance is one of the most important ones. Consuming healthy food that can be helpful for the healing process is also recommended. It is also important to visit the beauty clinic after 24 hours and to make another appointment within a week to check on everything.

Using a cold compress or an ice pack within the first 24 hours after the treatment is also necessary. It helps minimize the swelling due to the procedure itself which can be quite discomforting for many people. Taking a form of medication to deal with the tightness of the skin is okay by following the recommendation of the doctor from the clinic. Another important one is to sleep on your back for 3 to 5 days for the face to rest well.

Furthermore, it is necessary to contact the clinic if there are negative effects after the thread lift treatment. Redness, worsened swelling, warmth, or tenderness in the treated area are among the things to report to the clinic afterward. Yet, there is no need to worry about that too much because negative complications are rare concerning this beauty procedure. Follow the directions given by the doctor and it will be just fine.

Trust Only Well-Established Beauty Clinic

It is reasonable that some people remain in their worries regarding any type of beauty procedure like this one. The things that worry them are most likely the failure of the procedure to bring them to the desired effects. That particular thing will not happen as long as you trust only well-established clinics. It is easy to spot a well-established clinic such as Upscale Bali, a trusted aesthetic and wellness clinic in Bali.

Check everything to know about Upscale Bali on its official website at The clinic itself is one of the leading beauty and wellness clinics in Bali. It was initiated and established by Dermatologists and aesthetic doctors with the same vision of bringing nature and defining beauty through skin health. There are many types of treatments available, including thread lift treatment.

One of the aesthetic doctors in the clinic is Dr. Liana Susanti, with more than 13 years of training and experience in the field. With more doctors like Dr. Liana in the clinic, it is easy to understand that Upscale Bali is a well-known and trusted beauty clinic in Bali. There is no need to hesitate in trusting Upscale Bali for your thread lift treatment and any other procedure you may need to maintain your young and beautiful appearance.

Things To Do And Not To Do After A Thread Lift Treatment – There will always be things to do and avoid concerning any treatment, which includes thread lift treatment as well.

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