The Beauty Treatment a la Celebrities: The Secret Behind Their Glowing Skin

July 24, 2023

The Beauty Treatment a la Celebrities: The Secret Behind Their Glowing Skin — Many celebrities are well-known for their beautiful and healthy skin. That is the secret that makes them look shining when they appear in front of the camera. So, what makes them have that beautiful skin? The answer is a celebrity skin treatment. Let’s find out more about it below!

Skin Treatment Routine

Christie Brinkley is known for her smooth and ageless look. Even though she is already in her 60s, her skin looks 20 years younger. So, what is the secret that gives her that healthy and beautiful skin?

Brinkley gets inspiration for her skin treatment after reading about why men’s skin always looks 5 years younger than women’s of similar age. It seems that men’s daily shaving activity has a relation to this skin condition. By shaving every day, men also exfoliate their skin and remove the dead skin cell on top of the skin layer.

Thanks to that inspiration, Brinkley started doing a skin exfoliation routine. She has been doing that for the last forty years. Of course, it is not only skin exfoliation that makes her look amazing.

Brinkley also has various beauty treatments, such as Botox injections, ulteraphy, skin filler, and many more. Thanks to them, her skin looks smooth and glowing. That makes her look younger than women at her age.

Eat Your Vegetables

Olivia Culpo uses this method to keep her skin free from acne. In the past, she had breakout problems. Then, after consulting with her esthetician, she understands the importance of her diet to her skin health. Therefore, she tried to change her diet by incorporating more vegetables and reducing dairy product consumption.

The best vegetables you can choose are those that have leafy greens. Spinach, for example, has a lot of zinc. Zinc helps your body to cure inflammation, which means acne problems. Other greens you should try are the one that has zeaxanthin. It is antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals.

You can find more information about the vegetables that can help promote your skin health from the expert. For that reason, you can visit Upscale Bali, a beauty treatment clinic you can rely on. They will also help you with skin treatment.

Manage Your Stress

Cate Blanchett said that stress is the culprit of your gloomy skin appearance. Therefore, the best way to get glowing skin, you should deal with your stress. Reduce and manage it. Once you succeed in doing that, your skin will look more beautiful.

There are many ways to reduce your stress. You can take a day off and travel with your loved one. You also can try a massage to relax. Or, you can stay at home, play your favorite games, and forget everything about your job. In short, enjoying your private time to the fullest is what you need to relieve your stress.

Nucleofill: Salmon DNA Injection Method

This method might not sound that familiar to you. It is a proven method that improves your skin condition and appearance significantly. One of the celebrities that use this method is Krisdayanti. She is a famous singer from Indonesia. Even though she is 48 years old now, her skin looks like it did when she was in her 20s.

What does this method do to your skin? In short, Salmon DNA is the most similar animal DNA to human DNA. The best type of DNA for this method is Polynucleotide (PN). It is the latest generation of Salmon DNA from Italy. It moisturizes your skin and also works as a free radical scavenger, which protects your skin from free-radical. This is the best method to get glowing skin naturally.


Some methods those celebrities used are easy to find, while others could be difficult to afford. But, if you want to get the best result at an affordable price, you should visit Upscale, a reliable Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali. Upscale provides all kinds of skin treatments with the latest technology and experienced dermatologists. Therefore, you will get the best result similar to those celebrities.

The Beauty Treatment a la Celebrities: The Secret Behind Their Glowing Skin — Many celebrities are well-known for their beautiful and healthy skin.

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