5 Best Tips for Plump Lips That Speak Volumes Every Woman Need to Know

January 22, 2024

5 Best Tips for Plump Lips That Speak Volumes Every Woman Need to Know — How to plump lips speak volumes without surgery and filler? Plum lips are one of the beauty trends very popular recently. After many public figures like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner showed them to the public, it seems that many women just want to have such lips like hers. But sure, the fastest and easiest way to plump your lips is by having surgery or filler.

But in case you really want to add volume to your lips without dealing with a scalpel or injection, there are actually some possible ways. There are some natural treatments you can apply whether at home or in the beauty center to plump your lips. The result is indeed not as optimal as lips with surgery or filler. But this can be another advantage also as your lips tend to look naturally plump. So, are you curious enough? Well, here are some easy tips for you.

Lips Scrubbing

The first tip everyone can do is by scrubbing your lips. Scrub is a kind of beauty treatment that is in the form of cream with scrubs or sands commonly used for outer parts like skin. Some scrubs are produced specially for lips to smooth lip surfaces as well as to regenerate dead cells. Interestingly, applying scrubs to lips regularly can help you plump them also.

How to do it? Apply scrubs thoroughly on your lips and massage them gently with your fingers. Make circular movements around ten times until you are sure that the dead cells have been removed. Rinse the lips until it is completely clean and apply lip cream or lip moisturizer with vitamin C for further treatment.

Lips Hydration

Do you know that when your body is hydrated well, as a result, it naturally adds volume to your lips? At least, there has been some research showing the correlation between water and lips volume just like the one being published in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Doctor.

Based on the journal, enough water in the body can increase the skin thickness so that later it can remove wrinkles. The thickening process doesn’t only happen by the skin but also by lips also. Therefore, make sure to consume enough pure water every day to optimize this effect. Applying lip masks that contain water is also recommended for this purpose.

Essential Oil Application

Some types of essential oils are also proven to plump lips naturally. They include geranium, rose, lavender, citrus, and chamomile essential oils. Of course, almost all of them are very easy to find in the market. How can those essential oils improve the thickness of your lips?

Well, the way it works is very similar to the scrub cream mentioned earlier. The essential oil naturally smooths the blood circulation in the area where you apply it. It creates the plump look of the lips. Since the essential oil may cause allergy if your lips are sensitive, test it first on your hand skin. If there is no reaction, apply it only a little to your lips and wait for any effect. Continue applying in a bigger amount if your lips are okay with it.

Playing with Makeup

Unfortunately, not all lips are easily plumping even after applying many natural treatments above. So, here is another try you can do. Yes, you should play with makeup to make your lips look full with more volume. It is by using a lip liner before applying your favorite lipstick or tint. The lip liner should be applied exceeding your natural lip line. This first step makes your lip lines look bigger than how it is before.

Next, fill in the line with lip color fully. It is recommended to apply the matte one since it brings the effect of full lips without being too much. Even in your daily life, you can apply this trick. Just choose calmer and more natural colors for certain situations like when only at home or working in the office. Of course, it takes time to produce perfect plump lips if you are still a beginner in makeup. There is nothing wrong with practicing it every day.

Lips Massage

The last tip for plump lips is by doing the lips massage. Well, you don’t need to go to any clinic to get this special treatment, just do it yourself at home. How is it? Every morning and before going to bed at night, massage your lips gently and thoroughly using your fingers. Apply some movements like shifting both upper and lower lips to right and left. Then, continue it with a circular movement. Repeat them around 5 times to smooth the blood circulation. In the end, your lips will look plump and healthier.

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