Thread Lift

September 21, 2022

A thread lift is a procedure that involves non-permanent sutures / threads made of biocompatible materials such as Polydioxanone (PDO) and Polycaprolactone (PCL) under the skin but above the muscle and once positioned are gently pulled/ worked into position.

Both polylactic acid and polydioxanone are materials which are easily absorbed by the body over time and have been used in surgery for many years, so it’s totally SAFE

Thread lift offers patients a non-surgical alternative to rejuvenate skin, improve facial contours, and refresh their appearance.

Thread lift procedure is appropriate for both Men & Women of varying ages.

It is affordable, minimum downtime comparing to a total Face Lift / under the knife procedures.

It is affordable, the results are immediate with minimum downtime

Thread lift procedure is appropriate for both Men & Women of varying ages.

There’s no need to go under general anaesthesia to have a thread lift treatment.

With the application of a local anaesthetic, the treatment is virtually painless once the numbing injections have taken hold. You will experience some soreness after the procedure is completed, typically this pain is manageable merely with some paracetamol and taking it a little easier than usual

The procedure will take approximately one hour. However, treatment time can vary from patient to patient and depends on the number of filaments used. The thread lift treatment will provide natural-looking results that will last for anything from one to three years. The overall goal of thread lifts is not to make you totally unrecognisable, but to make your skin look much younger and fresher.

Even nonsurgical procedures should only be performed by a trained and certified specialist.

A thread lift procedure could end up with disappointing results in the wrong hands. An experienced professional can explain the benefits and risks while keeping side effects to a minimum. You’ll be on good hands , here in Upscale Bali.

Where can the threads be used?

Commonly threads are used on:

  • the brow ( to lift the eyebrow, turn up the corner of the eye )
  • lower face, jowl ( to raise cheek & jowl )
  • neck area ( lift loose neck skin )
  • raise the corner of the mouth
  • etc

What to avoid after Thread Lift?

  • sleeping on your stomach or side,
  • wearing heavy make up at least 3 days after.
  •  drinking alcohol for at least 3 days
  • making extreme facial expressions,
  • avoid receiving facials and facial massages for at least 2- 3 weeks after
  • avoid chewing gum for 2 weeks
  • don’t perform any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for three weeks

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