Thread Lift Is a Solution of a Facelift Without Surgery

November 2, 2023

Thread Lift Is a Solution of a Facelift Without Surgery — Thread lift is a skin treatment procedure aimed at making your face look younger, healthier, and with no wrinkles. It is a kind of skin rejuvenation process without surgery. You can lift threads on your subcutaneous tissue. It is not like a plastic surgery in which it rejuvenates skin with thread lift. It does not require more actions on this procedure than plastic surgery. Here are the things about thread lift before you did it.

What Kind of Thread Lift Procedures are like?

Before you do a thread lift, the doctor will inject or apply local anesthetic on your face area. After it is working, the doctor insert special threads into subcutaneous tissue. The lift threads will be great for your skin. It stimulates collagen formation, causing a stretching effect on wrinkled faces, and strengthens the skin’s supportive tissue. The thread lift procedures usually take 1 hour. Then, the patient can go home soon.

Thread lift is an invasively minimal cosmetic procedure to tighten your face skin. During a thread lift procedure, the cosmetic surgeon uses the threads to pull out the skin area that looks sagging and wrinkled. If you have sagging skin, it can cause the skin to look wrinkled. With the thread lift procedure, your skin looks young and tight. It is a solution for a facelift without surgery.

The Purposes of Thread Lift 

The thread lift is a procedure aimed at doing a facelift. It is a great alternative to surgery. During a treatment, the cosmetic expert uses temporary facing stitching. The special threads are to lift the dead skin cells. Despite removing skin and making it look tight, thread lift can stimulate the body to direct collagen in amount to the treated area. It also influences the skin’s rejuvenation look because collagen can help to reduce and cancel a premature aging process.

Benefits of Having Thread Lift 

Thread lift has several benefits for your skin. You can read the following benefits before doing this.

Self Confidence

It increases the appearance and self-confidence. Why could it be? When you have a thread lift, your face looks younger and tighter. It makes you more beautiful. The treated skin area is the jawline, eyebrow line, cheek, forehead, and under-eye area.

No Wrinkles

Besides increasing your self-confidence, thread lift also reduces the wrinkles on your face. The thread lift procedure can benefit anyone who wants to reduce wrinkles and loose skin. The procedures will be conducted by local anesthetic.

Risks of Thread Lift 

Though it can tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles, thread lift takes risks causing side effects. The side effects usually happen after this procedure. Those are pain and uncomfortable sensations on your face. In addition, this procedure may cause complaints such as inflammation, red irritation, and difficulty in opening your mouth. To support the recovery process, the people with thread lift must relax for one week until the face condition is well. If the face skin looks wrinkled after running this procedure, do not get worried too much. The wrinkles usually will be removed within 14-21 days. Besides those side effects, the thread lift procedure is risky and causes some complications such as infection, pain, hematoma, cut thread, and bleeding. Thus, it is crucial to have doctor infection control during running this procedure to prevent unexpected complications.

When Do You Do Thread Lift? 

This beauty treatment can be conducted anytime. It is important to consult first with a cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist. During a doctor consultation, the doctor will evaluate your facial anatomy and ask about your achievements through this procedure. In addition, the doctor can determine whether this procedure is safe based on the whole health condition. Though it is relatively safe due to non-invasive features, you must be careful.

The Considerations Before Doing Thread Lift

Thread lift can help to rejuvenate skin. Besides you did plastic surgery, this procedure is relatively affordable. However, this procedure is a temporary result. The result will last for 6-18 months so you need to do another thread lift procedure to keep your skin younger. Because the result of thread lift looks natural, it is ideally conducted when you reach 40 years old. Those are some considerations before you do thread lift to make your skin younger and tighter. You can come to Upscale Bali to get this thread lift procedure. You do not get worried because it has a professional physician to handle this thread lift.

Thread Lift Is a Solution of a Facelift Without Surgery — Thread lift is a skin treatment procedure aimed at making your face look younger, healthier, and with no wrinkles.

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