The Signs to Consider After Thread Lift

November 23, 2023

The Signs to Consider After Thread Lift — Thread Lift is one of the popular treatments to keep the skin looking younger. As its name suggests, the specialist is about to insert a specific thread into the soft tissues. Then, they pull tightly to tighten the skin.

The benefits of applying the thread lift procedure include reshaping the face, restoring the volume of the face, and diminishing the signs of aging. Upscale Bali is ready to help you to do this skin treatment procedure. Yet, some people suffered from pain after the thread lift procedure. The signs to consider after taking this medical procedure will help you a lot.

You Will Feel Pain After Thread Lift

Yes! You are about to feel uncomfortable around the targeted skin after the thread lifts. So, it is normal because your body responds to something new in the skin, which are the threads and the needles. The procedure also tightens the excess skin.

Don’t worry! It is only a temporary side effect. Slowly but surely, the level of the ache diminishes and you will not feel it at all anymore. Some thread lift centers, including Upscale Bali, will try to comfort their patients by reducing their pain. One of the ways to reduce the pain is by applying local anesthesia.

It is Only a Temporary Pain 

The pain after the thread lift procedure is temporary. You only have to feel it for one to two weeks. Yet, the pain level will be gradually reduced.

Some patients experience pain over two weeks. Other patients even don’t feel any pain at all. The best thing you can do is control the thread lift-targeted area regularly to the doctor.

The doctor will explain the recent condition of your skin after thread lift week by week. They can also help you if you need additional procedures to reduce the pain.

The Pain is Gone and There Is No Stitch Marks

You won’t feel the unpleasant condition anymore. The stitch marks are also gone, along with the normal condition of your face. As a result, you see a normal face without redness, swelling, or bruising.

The difference you will see is the shape of your face and the surface of the skin. It looks smooth and younger after the thread lift.

Be Aware of Severe Pain Followed by Swelling or Bruising 

You should be aware of severe pain followed by swelling or bruising. It is not a normal sign of thread lift. Indeed, you are about to feel pain yet it is not too hurt. You can indeed touch thread lift- targeted surface and it’s okay. You have to go to the doctor immediately if the targeted skin is too painful to touch even if your fingers. Then, the targeted areas are also swelling or bruising. The expert will check the treated area and give the best medications to treat these issues.

The Skin Turns Red and It Feels Hot or Painful 

There is a case that the patients see redness on the thread lift skin area. Touching the skin and feel it. You should go to the doctor if your skin feels hot or itchy. The best way to reduce the side effects risks is by visiting the thread lift center with certified doctors.

Upscale Bali is one of the recommended aesthetic and wellness clinics in Bali with certified doctors. They work based on tight safety standards to ensure that patients are satisfied with the result.

You Face Facial Asymmetry

Facial Asymmetry is one of the complications that happen when taking thread lift. It can be caused by the anesthetic injection effect and the untreated excess skin. Patients become unconfident when seeing yourself in front of the mirror

Reputable team is about to find the safety solution against this skin complication. Indeed, you can prevent this kind of complication. All you have to do is be selective in choosing the thread lift center. Make an appointment at Upscale Bali to do this skin treatment while you are in Bali. Talk to the personal doctor about the plan to do thread lift. It ensures that thread lift is safe for you. Credible doctor also checks the skin condition first before applying the thread lift procedure. All the procedures reduce the risks of complications, including facial asymmetry.

The most important thing you must do before taking the thread lift procedure is to understand all about it, including the pain after the thread lift. At least, you know that feeling pain after the thread lift procedure is normal in certain conditions. The more sufficient and credible the information you get, the more ready you are to take thread lift.

Bali is one of the perfect places to take a thread lift. Upscale Bali is one of the most professional and trusted centers you can choose. Check the official website and contact their customer service to book an appointment for the thread lift procedure.

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