How long to see the thread lift result and how long does it last?

December 8, 2023

How long to see the thread lift result and how long does it last? – The current medical technology allows you to practically fix every problem you have. That is including your aging problem. One of the solutions for the aging problem is thread lift treatment, a popular beauty care treatment for solving various aging skin problems.

Thread Lift is a nonsurgical treatment. This method stimulates the natural collagen production of your body, so your skin can recover naturally. However, the question that many people ask when they are going to use this treatment is how long can they see the result and how long will the result last? This article will help you to understand that part of thread lift treatment.

How Long Must You Wait to See the Result?

The result will appear depending on the type of thread and thread lift treatment you use. In general, you can choose PDO, PLLA, PCL, or PLCL thread. Each of them gives a different result period.

PDO Thread

PDO thread is one of the most popular materials for thread lift treatment. It is affordable, safe, and provides long lasting results. The PDO thread lift treatment is available in three different methods, Barbed, Smooth, and Twist. Each of them provides a different time for the result to appear.

The Barbed type treatment will give you instant results after the treatment session. You will see the difference once you finish the entire treatment session. However, the Smooth and Twist method focus on stimulating collagen production. Thus, it produces the result after several weeks or months.

PDO thread treatment method that focuses on collagen production stimulation needs around 6-8 months until the threads are completely absorbed. Then, it will help to stimulate collagen production for another 4-6 months. Therefore, the complete result from this treatment will appear at least after 6-12 months you receive the thread.

PLLA Thread

PLLA thread is also similar to PDO. It can produce immediate results. Yet, the result will become even better after 1-2 weeks. And then, after 2-3 months, you will see a more considerable result.

PCL Thread

How about PCL thread? PCL threads work slowly. It will stay for 1-2 years to stimulate collagen production. Therefore, you also can see the result after those periods.

PLCL Thread

PLCL thread is the newest type of material for thread lift. As for this thread type, the result will be visible immediately. Yet, it also can stimulate the collagen production that requires a long period. Therefore, it works wonderfully in instant result appearance and natural process to produce that result.

In short, the thread lift treatment can show you the result instantly with the proper method. PDO thread is one of the best examples of this fast result appearance.

How Long Does the Result Last?

Thread Lift treatment has two main purposes or ways to fix your skin appearance. It tightens the skin by providing support under the skin. That will make your skin looks smoother and younger.

The other one is stimulating collagen production. When the thread enters your skin, your body will respond by healing the affected area. It causes the improvement of collagen production to fix that area.

That collagen stimulation is what we use to see how long the result of thread lift treatment will last. In general, the thread lift treatment, especially PDO thread lift, will last for 1-3 years. After that, you might need to get the treatment to keep your skin condition.

Things to Remember

After you get all thread lift treatment session, there are several things you need to do, so you will get the best result, for example :

You should stay calm because you might experience discomfort or bruising after treatment. In general, these symptoms will naturally disappear after your body adapts with the condition after the treatment.

Also, you must not touch or wash your face, especially the area that get the thread lift treatment for 12 hours after the treatment.

You also need to limit strenuous facial movement for 24 hours after the treatment.

Make sure you sleep with the treated area free from pressure. So, do not sleep in the area to ensure the recovery process works smoothly.

If you follow all those steps, you will be able to do your usual activity a day after the treatment. Then, you should regularly check your condition to your doctor to see the recovery process. Balance it with a healthy diet and lifestyle to accelerate the skin recovery. Thus, you will get the result much faster and the result will also last longer.

Where to Get the Treatment

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How long to see the thread lift result and how long does it last? – The current medical technology allows you to practically fix every problem you have.

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