Beauty Unraveled: Debunking Aesthetic Treatment Myths and Revealing the Scientific Facts

July 10, 2023

Beauty Unraveled: Debunking Aesthetic Treatment Myths and Revealing the Scientific Facts — Currently, many women are aware of skin health. Therefore, they do various treatments to make facial skin healthier and more beautiful. There are many beauty clinics that provide various treatments such as botox, fillers, and others. One of them is Upscale Bali, Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali.

However, there are some women who are afraid to do this treatment. The reason is, there are many myths say that treatments will have side effects on the face in the long term. Therefore, here we will discuss the myths and facts about the face treatment.

Chemical Peeling Causes Thin Skin

The first myth that many people believe is that chemical peels can cause thin skin. Is it a myth or a fact? It’s just a myth.

A doctor explained that chemical peels will not make the skin thin because chemical peels are a treatment that aims to remove dead skin cells. So, face skin will not thin because skin cells will grow back.

However, the procedure must be carried out using safe and appropriate ingredients according to the skin type. So, the doctor must first check the patient’s skin type before doing a chemical peeling. In addition, chemical peels must be done once a month (once 21-28 days). The reason is, skin cells will regenerate naturally every once a month.

Filler Makes Your Face Look Round

Apart from chemical peels, many people are afraid to do fillers because fillers are considered to make the face look round and unnatural. Is that true? That can happen if the placement of filler and the amount of filler are not appropriate.

However, you are still advised to do filler with a correct treatment plan. Fillers can last 6 months to 2 years. So, you should do filler with that duration. However, you should consult it first with a doctor.

If you do fillers at Upscale Bali, Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali, you can consult with a professional doctor regarding the type of filler ingredients and procedure that suits your skin type. The doctor will also make sure that there are no side effects on your face after doing the filler.

Blackhead Extraction Makes Enlarged Pores

Extraction is the process of removing dirt in the pores of the facial skin. The extraction process is carried out by an experienced professional and by using special tools. They will press the pores of the facial skin to help remove dirt in pores.

However, the process of extracting blackheads can cause problems on the face if not done correctly. Examples are the appearance of scars and the appearance of pimples. Then, will the face skin pores enlarge if you do blackhead extraction?

That can happen if you do comedo extraction with the wrong extraction technique. Apart from that, force power extraction and selecting blackheads and acne areas that are not correct will also cause enlarged pores. Therefore, you should do the comedo extraction procedure at a clinic or doctor who is professional and experienced.

You only need to do blackhead extraction once a month for normal skin. Meanwhile, women who have oily skin need to do blackhead extraction twice a month.

Apart from that, you have to extract the blackheads at the face treatment clinic. Don’t do blackhead extraction at home, especially by hand. This will allow dirt to enter the pores.

Botox Can Make Faces Look Weird

Botox injections are used to prevent facial wrinkles. So, the face will feel stiff. However, can botox make the face look weird? This can happen if you inject too much botox.

Laser Can Make Thin Skin

Not only peeling, many people think that lasers can thin skin. Actually, it is a myth. The reason is, the laser can increase the production of collagen which can make the face healthier and youthful.

Among the various types of lasers, laser rejuvenation is especially good to do. Besides being able to nourish the skin, the laser can also regenerate skin growth. The laser is also done with low energy so it is not dangerous.

Then, how many times do you have to do the laser? We recommend that you do the laser every 3 to 4 weeks according to the skin regeneration cycle. Therefore, you should consult with a beautician before doing laser on the face. The doctor will also recommend the type of laser that is most appropriate for your skin type.

If you want to get Beauty Unraveled  maximum facial treatment results, you can use services from Upscale Bali, Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali. Don’t worry, all face treatments from Upscale are safe and handled by experienced doctors.

Beauty Unraveled: Debunking Aesthetic Treatment Myths and Revealing the Scientific Facts — Currently, many women are aware of skin health.

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