5 Interesting Things About Silhouette Soft and PDO Thread Treatment

November 16, 2023

5 Interesting Things About Silhouette Soft and PDO Thread Treatment — You can find many treatment methods for various skin problems. But, if it is sagging skin, we can say Silhouette Soft and PDO Thread are the most popular two. Now, let’s learn about them and their differences.

What Are They?

First of all, you should know what Silhouette Soft and PDO Thread treatment is.

What is Silhouette Soft Thread Treatment?

It is a treatment using a thread made of biocompatible material. This material is also known as polylactic acid. What does this material do?

In short, this material will stimulate collagen production. Thus, when it is applied to your skin, it helps your body to regenerate the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Because of this property, Silhouette Soft threads have become one of the most popular non-surgical skin lifting treatments in recent years.

What is PDO Thread Treatment?

PDO threads are a synthetic material, which is known as Polydioxanone. It is similar to Silhouette Soft, which is absorbable. It has been used in medical practice for years. So, it is not surprising to find the usage of PDO threads for various skin enhancements, from lifting to tightening.

Similarities between Silhouette Soft and PDO Threads

Both of them have similar parts, especially in how they work on your skin. The process is also similar, where the doctor will use these threads to lift your skin. Therefore, this thread treatment will solve your sagging skin problem.

Another similarity is the process after injection. Once the Silhouette Soft or PDO threads enter your skin layer, it will cause micro-injuries in those layers. Thanks to these injuries, your body will automatically produce collagen that works to recover your skin condition because of those injuries.

How about the injected threads? The threads will be dissolved as they have absorbable properties. It usually takes around six months to be completely gone. Then, the place where dissolved threads were injected will be replaced by new collagen that keeps the skin condition.

The new collagen will help your skin look tighter and healthier. Therefore, it solves your aging skin problem. Then, you will get the new looks and more beautiful appearance you want.

Things You Should Know about Silhouette Soft and PDO Threads

Silhouette Soft and PDO Thread has several things that you need to know, such as:

1. Material

Both of them use different types of material as mentioned above. Silhouette Soft threads use polylactic acid. As for PDO threads, it uses polydioxanone, a biodegradable substance.

Those two materials also have different origins. Polylactic acid uses natural resources to create the threads, like sugar cane. As for polydioxanone, it is a synthetic polymer with absorption properties.

More importantly, both materials also can be absorbed by the body. Therefore, they are safe to use for skin-enhancing procedures.

2. Result

The result mostly is the same. However, Silhouette Soft is suitable for many procedures, which makes it popular. In general, you can use it for skin texture enhancement.

How about the resulting longevity? It depends on every person’s body condition and lifestyle. For you who use a healthy lifestyle, the result can easily last for two years.

3. Procedure

Silhouette Soft and PDO threads treatment doesn’t need surgery. They are non-invasive cosmetic procedures that you can get from a beauty clinic. Depending on the patient and the result you want, it can take no more than an hour.

4. Comfort

Be aware that you might feel discomfort during the thread injection. It happens for both thread types. However, the doctor may give you anesthesia to reduce the discomfort feeling and increase the procedure’s safety.

5. After-Care

Even though they are not surgery procedures, you still feel the after-effects. For example, you can find swelling, bruising, or discomfort. However, these side effects are mostly temporary. It will disappear after a week.

However, visit your doctor whenever these side effects have not disappeared after that period. It might be a complication that causes more serious skin problems. This condition also can affect the procedure result.

The Big Difference between PDO Thread and Silhouette Soft

The big difference between these two thread treatments is their price. Silhouette Soft’s price is much higher than the PDO thread. Its price is 3 times more expensive than the standard PDO thread.

Furthermore, Silhouette Soft also uses more organic material. Thanks to this material, Silhouette Soft doesn’t cause dangerous effects, plus it is flexible for various treatments. Furthermore, the durability of Silhouette Soft is also much higher than PDO.

Because of those features, Silhouette Soft treatment is less painful than PDO thread. So, with better durability, longevity, flexibility, and material quality, it is not wrong to choose Silhouette Soft for your skin treatment.

The Best Place to Get Skin Enhancement Treatment

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Upscale Bali provides experienced and kind staff and doctors who can help with your need for this treatment. You can visit this place and ask for a consultation to learn more about the best choice between Silhouette Soft and PDO Thread for your skin problem.

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