As we age, signs of aging are inevitable. The appearance of fine lines, sagging skin, to the formation of hollows at some points of the face are some of the problems that are often faced by women over the age of 30.Actually, there are many ways you can disguise the signs of aging, such as routinely using skincare, a healthy lifestyle, and doing Filler Allergan treatment at Upscale Bali.

What is Filler?

Filler is a treatment that is done by injecting a gel-like material into the skin layer. This gel contains hyaluronic acid, or what is now popularly known as hyaluronic acid. The content of hyaluronic acid in this filler can stimulate the growth of new collagen cells and bind water around skin cells, thereby adding volume to facial tissue.

Fillers can help treat signs of aging such as fine lines or wrinkles in the forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin area. In addition, fillers are also effective for overcoming the hollows under the eyes or what we usually call tired or old eyes.

What is the difference between filler and botox?

Although the method is the same as injection, the ingredients between filler and botox are different. Botox or botulinum toxin contains a neurotoxin protein produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botox treatment is used to treat the dynamic type of wrinkles caused by facial movements. Fillers work by filling in gaps and adding volume to facial tissue, while Botox removes wrinkles by relaxing the muscles.

What are the advantages of fillers when compared to other anti-aging treatments?

When compared to surgical or surgical methods, fillers are a safer alternative to restore skin’s youthfulness. Many women tend to avoid surgery because it sounds complicated and scary. In filler treatment, the process that must be passed is more comfortable and faster, the results look more natural.

What are the Filler Allergan options, can it adjust to facial problems?

The advantage of Allergan filler is that it comes from a world-renowned healthcare company from the United States. There are three types of Allergan filler options, namely Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Volift, and Juvederm Voluma.

Volbella is recommended for reducing fine lines and improving facial features, Juvederm Volift for filling in lines and shaping facial features, while Voluma for correcting the volume of the center of the face. Each filler product used has a different bonding feature and concentration of hyaluronic acid, depending on the target and the depth of injection.

Although these ingredients will blend the skin layer as a whole and look natural. But you still have to consult first so that the results are as desired.

Allergan filler is also proven safe, has passed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) test of the United States and BPOM (drug and food control) Indonesia.

Preparation before filler

You should consult a doctor first to find out contraindications. Prior to the procedure, the patient was also confirmed not to have taken aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, or fish oil in the past week. It is also recommended to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol beforehand. After that, then the patient’s face will be smeared with anesthetic fluid for 30 minutes. Then, the doctor will inject filler at the planned facial points. The main action only takes about 45 minutes.

Treatment that must be considered after the procedure

After performing the filler procedure, the patient is advised not to press or rub the action area for 6 hours after treatment. Do not wash your face with warm water for 24 hours. Then avoid strenuous activity and direct sun exposure for 3 days.

You can do this filler treatment only at trusted clinics, Upscale Bali, Aesthetic & Wellness Clinics in Bali. Also visit the website for more information at http://lvskinbali.com/

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