Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic

We are an Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic in Bali, we dedicated our practice to reveal your inner beauty and potential by enhancing your natural and defining characteristics. Upscale Bali was initiated by Aesthetic doctors & Dermatologists who share the same vision & mission in aesthetics & skin health.


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    Conveniently located in the heart of the business area and easily accessible, Upscale Bali is one of the leading beauty and wellness centers in Bali. UPSCALE clinic has highly specialized in safe injectable and non-injectable by implementing hospital standards to maintain quality and patient safety.

    Staff consisted of a doctor who was professionally practiced in two reputable hospitals as Head of Aesthetic Department. In addition, the clinic also has licensed nurses who work with the doctor to ensure patients get optimal aesthetic care and well-being.

    One thing that makes loyal patients stay with UPSCALE Bali is the high level of detail involved in providing personal care to patients. The clinic is also supported by high-tech machines that can maximize your treatment outcomes. The price of services in Upscale Bali is very affordable, so it can be accessed by various groups.

    UPSCALE Bali offers a variety of treatments such as Facial, Peeling, Hair Removal, Infusion(start from 150k-850k), Laser, Tattoo Removal.

    In terms of design, our clinic is designed with modern minimalistic concepts, creating an elegant and safe impression for the patient visiting. We are committed to providing a pleasant and comfortable experience for every patient who comes to our clinic.