PRP Treatment: Using your own blood as anti-aging serum

November 2, 2022

PRP Treatment: Using your own blood as anti-aging serum – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment can promote healing and stimulate the growth of new cells, helping you to achieve skin rejuvenation and slow down the ageing process. The best part of PRP is that it is your own blood, where it is natural and safe with no concerns with allergic reactions or rejecting treatment. After the blood has been drawn, it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from other blood components.

The potential benefits of PRP have led to widespread interest in its use for anti-aging and regenerative, such as: reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening and toning skin, stimulates new cell growth and new collagen, improves skin tone, texture and complexion as well as slow down the first signs of skin ageing

How is the process? Obtaining PRP treatment is a relatively simple process:

A patient’s own blood is collected through the vein and transferred into a sterile tube which is immediately placed into a centrifuge and spun at high speed for few minutes. This procedure separates the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets (blood cells that release growth factors that help the body heal itself). The extracted plasma and platelets then re-injected into the proper layers of the patient’s skin, which has previously been cleansed and numbed using topical anaesthesia.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects from PRP face treatment are very mild, where there might be some minor discomfort or mild stinging sensation, however these are done with a very fine needle to minimise any pain. At most, patient may expect to experience mild to moderate swelling or redness and heat in the area of treatment, which are common side effects in the activation of platelets.

All non-invasive treatments carry a small element of risk, therefore always have a face-to-face consultation, during which we will assess you, and detail the cautions and contradictions for the procedure before decide to undergo the procedure.

How long to see the result?

Mostly, patients will feel the immediate effects of PRP therapy after it is performed and during the next few weeks the collagen will begin to grow and generate new healthy cells underneath the skin. Repeat treatments may be necessary to get optimum desired effects for skin rejuvenation, approximately it requires 1-3 treatments yearly, depending on how your doctor would recommend.

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