8 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Keloid Scar No Matter the Size

September 15, 2023

8 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Keloid Scar No Matter the Size — Keloid scar may lower your confidence, especially if it is growing larger. Just remain calm because you can manage the keloid scar. Soon, you will get your confidence back. Try some tips to get rid of the keloid scar below.

Carefully Take Care of Your Wound

Say you have a scar because of a wound. Carefully take care of it. The way you take care of the wound determines whether it becomes a keloid scar or not. So, those who have a new keloid scar should press on it with fabric or other material.

It is a similar technique when doctors cover your wound up in the hospital. Apply this trick for 12 to 24 hours. Ensure that the wound heals first before removing the cover. The ideal period to cover the wound or keloid is around four to six months.

The pressure from the cover boosts your skin to heal the wound. It also protects the wound from bacteria, dirt, dust, and other particles that slow the healing process.

Apply Corticosteroid Cream

Your doctor may suggest you take corticosteroid cream to treat the keloid scar. It is also one of the effective tips to get rid of the keloid scar. The essential ingredients within the cream help to ease itchiness. As a result, you don’t scratch the wound over again.

Slowly but surely, the keloid scar turns smaller and is finally gone. The most important thing is that you should follow the dosage on the package or based on your prescription. Ensure that your skin is not sensitive to specific compounds within the cream. It prevents skin irritation and other skin issues during the keloid scar medication.

Cortisone or Steroid Injection

The doctor suggests you take cortisone or steroid injection if you only have a small keloid scar. The purpose of the injection is to stop the scar from being thick. Indeed, it is also a long process.

In most cases, you have to take this injection monthly for up to six months. During the process, you will see the keloid scar flatten. The skin color in the scar may change permanently after taking this injection procedure.

Take Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is another trick to get rid of keloid scars. The idea of this therapy is to freeze the scar using liquid nitrogen. For a better result, you must take this therapy a few times.

So, consult the doctor whether you have to take this procedure or not. You should also understand that this therapy has side effects, such as blistering, and hypopigmentation.

Take Laser Treatment

Some doctors recommend laser treatment for patients with larger keloid scars. The function of this treatment is to flatten the scar and prevent the keloid from being bigger. The doctor is about to shoot a specific type of laser to the keloid scar.

You should take this treatment if your keloid scar is so itchy. Slowly but surely, the keloid scar is about to flatten and finally fade away. Just other treatments above, you must take laser treatment a few times.

You have to wait for about 4 to 8 weeks before taking the next treatment. It takes time, yet you will be satisfied with the results.

Take Laser Therapy and Cortisone Injection

Your doctor may ask you to take a combination therapy to get rid of the keloid scar faster. The common combination therapy is combining laser treatment and cortisone injection. Indeed, you can see the result faster.

On the other hand, this method seems to trigger changes in the color of skin. This side effect often happens in patients with darker skin.

Take Radiation Therapy

You can also treat new and small keloid scars with radiation therapy. The doctor is about to shoot a low level of X-ray radiation to the keloid scar. The idea of doing this therapy is to shrink and minimize the scar tissue.

Despite the small size of the keloid scar, you still have to take this therapy a few times to get a satisfying result. Your doctor needs to know your health condition before doing this therapy. It is because of the side effects after doing it. Some people may suffer from skin complications and even cancer.

Take a Surgery Procedure

There is also a surgery procedure to get rid of the keloid scar. The doctor performs this procedure if they don’t see a significant result from other therapies. The good news is that this procedure can get rid of keloid scar for even 100 percent.

It means that you can get your clean skin back without seeing any leftover keloid scar anymore. The doctors also suggest you combine keloid scar surgery removal with other methods to boost the results.

So, remain calm if you have a keloid scar now. Just go to the doctor and find out the treatments you can take to get rid of keloid scar. The doctors may advise you to take one of the tips to get rid of the keloid scar above.

Then, follow the procedure, including applying the medicines based on the dosage and other things that your doctor wants you to do. Treating keloid scars takes time, energy, and money yet your consistency leads you to a satisfying result.

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